Glorifier VK

Glorifier VK

Glorifier VK


Description: Development, industrialization management, and production control of the exhibitor for Vardon Kennett sparkling wine from the company TORRES.
Design: Extra!

For the new sparkling wine from TORRES, Logic Design relied on Plumartiss to solve and manufacture the idea of a showcase display.

For this, it was necessary to adapt the graphic image to real product dimensions, and find a productive system that would be economically viable for small productions. Taking into account the large volume of the pieces.

Plumartis was also in charge of:

  • Selection of suppliers, processes and materials
  • Investment management, costs
  • Validation of tools
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Validation of production batches


  • Investment in tools absorbed by the product.
  • Integration of color LED plates and an adjustable intensity.
  • Dual function base, such as ice bucket or light beam base for the product.
  • Compliance with manufacturing deadlines with critical dates.